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About Us

" We serve governments, institutions and industry to deploy CAV in a safety assured way."

Established in 2018, MaaS Korea is a South Korean start-up specialized in connected autonomous vehicle (CAV) safety services.

Deployment of CAVs is an impending challenge for citizens, industry and governments all over the world. While development of automated driving systems (ADS) of CAVs is being accelerated, yet its completion is still years or decades away.

We serve governments, institutions and industry ot deploy CAV in a safety assured way under given budget constraints with our experience and expertise in CAV operation, Operational Design Domain (ODD), ADS test, data gathering and crunching.

to introduce and run autonomous vehicles
serving our communities within our roadway ecosystem
without harming passengers or other road users

Autonomous Driving Safety Solutions

Optical Black Ice Detection System
(광학식 살얼음 연속구간검지 시스템)

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suite 602, 3 Jiphyeonjungang 7-ro, Geumnam-myeon, Sejong-si, Republic of Korea

David J. H. Park is the founder and CEO of Maas Korea.

He is leading R&D and sales actives.

He has over 25 years-experience in electronics, ICT and CAV industries.