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Real-time ODD Feed

We assist safer autonomous driving by providing the optimum ODDs that reflect real-time information such as weather, traffic control zones, construction area, and disaster alerts to the ADS without delay.

• ODD are defined as complex interactions between various ODD factors including vehicles, pedestrians, roadside assets, physical infrastructure, traffic laws, connectivity, environmental conditions, zones, construction areas among other things. Many ODD factors change in real time, and the magnitude and speed of change are sometimes unpredictable. In order to support safe operation of autonomous driving vehicles, ODD must be updated in real time to reflect dynamic ODD factors and real-time regional information such as disaster alerts, geofencing set by local governments, demonstrations and other relevant events and then be provided to ADS.

• We provide real-time ODD OBU that feed real-time ODD to ADS. The specific feedback structure is customized according to the specifications of sensors, communication devices and perception algorithms of autonomous vehicles. Our ODD OBU notifies ADS when an autonomous vehicle is out of the ODD range to assist in initiating a safety stop or a fail operation to attain minimal risk condition.

• It is possible to reduce the accident rate that can occur by preventing the autonomous vehicles from continuing to drive in the sudden harsh weather conditions and in other unexpected situations.